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Let's Chat about The coming Seasonal Blues.. tips to Keep you motivated for this winter's training!


Season Blues

I can't believe it's already November! Tis the seasonal change of temps, trees, and even motivation.

As the weather for some of us gets colder, and the daylight gets smaller, you might have found yourself lacking motivation and feeling it more difficult to find the drive to get out and ride or do a workout.

Have any of you had some seasonal mood changes and found yourself lacking motivation?

To that the topic we are touching base on is our lovely seasonal changes that we go through both mentally and physically. It's not a bad change, but a change to be aware so we can keep our lives fulfilled.

With the transition in seasons, some of us start to revert back to hibernation mode. For many the sun is setting earlier and getting up is a bit harder with the dark mornings approaching.

We are closing in on our daylight savings change here in the US and I have even found that the hustle and bustle of life is picking up with the approaching winter season. Stress is a bit higher, and immunity is dropping so let's chat about what we can do to not get caught in the downward spiral of getting too comfortable, missing workouts, or sacrificing your nutrition

Tip 1-

Make your action plan… time to set specific goals for THIS moment. Whilst long term goals are always important. Sometimes to keep concurrent motivation is to set small goals.. These break the BIG goals into smaller bite sized pieces that seem to be more manageable mentally. You can set weekly goals and even write down some daily goals like this week. I will make sure I get in at least three rides this week.. Or today I will take 2min to sit down and breathe for a moment of mindfulness. Write those goals down or even use an EXPO marker and write on your mirror or even write on some sticky notes you can place around your house.

What are some goals you all have for this next week?

Need extra help with setting goals and figuring out what to do with them? Fill this form out and contact me under consultation to get a jumpstart into your winter training plans to stay motivated!

Tip 2-

Support System! Yes, creating a good support system around you can help keep you positive and motivated to either obtain your goals or get on the bike. We love this community here, especially these Monday rides as they are a set time to have a good chat and a way to connect with others and get on the bike for a ride. Finding a support system that you enjoy being around is crucial to getting over the seasonal blues. Finding support through your loved ones is also important to creating that system that barriers you from lack of motivation and feeling of negativity. You can share your weekly and daily goals to your family and loved ones to share what motivates you have and use that to help keep you motivated.

Tip 3-

Try something new. Join a different group ride, try a new workout, try a new hobby. This world is your oyster and you can do what you like. There are so many things to try so why not give it a go!

What are some new hobbies, events, workouts, rides you have tried?

Tip 4-

Use extrinsic motivation. When you reach those goals, reward yourself! Treat yourself to a massage or buy a new pair of shoes. You can even reward yourself on a daily basis by soaking in the hot tub at the gym or taking a long, hot shower after your workout.

Tip 5-

Find a workout buddy. You’ll be more inclined to show up if someone else is depending on you, plus you can pump each other up. Work out with a friend, co-worker, parent or spouse. You can also join a group class, sports league or team.

Tip 6-

Download new music! Make a new playlist with your favorite upbeat music! Taking all music suggestions! sometimes the same song we like to workout to isn't cutting it.. you can switch your genre of music or even type... long rides could be a good time to catch up on a audible or podcast. you might be in a country swing mood and you don't even know, so it doesn't hurt to press that shuffle button on your music library or your discover playlist on spotify.

TIP: You can check out my playlists for inspiration in spotify:

Tip 7

Be a role model. By working hard and setting an example, you will not only motivate yourself to keep going but will also help motivate others around you.

Tip 8-

Chart your progress. Monitoring your daily, weekly and monthly progress will help you reach your short-term goals and set new ones along the way. Besides your physical appearance, keeping a written record is another visual reminder of your hard work and progress.

Tip 9-

Think about the warmer months to come. it always helps to look into the bright future of the next summer and plans you can create to make it exciting and something to look forward to.

Tip 10-

Adjust with Daylight. As daylight changes, so may your attitude towards what is the best time of day to workout. You may find that your normal evening workout isn’t as easy to do as a morning time workout, or vice versa. It is best to find the time of day that is going to keep you motivated.

Tip 11-

Remember the end result – improving your health. Whether you are exercising to lose weight or to stay in shape, remember it will improve your overall health – physically, mentally and emotionally – and help you live a longer, more fulfilling life.

Tip 12-

We are all in this together! Everyone will have their own methods for what keeps them focused and determined. We all have different ways to deal with seasonal change and it's great to be aware of all the ways and tools to use to stay motivated and keep having a good time!

Fact: Vitamin D is a fat soluble vitamin. It is known as the sunshine vitamin because it is produced in our skin from direct sunlight. Our bodies produce it naturally, but only when we are exposed to sunlight. f you know you won't be outside or the clouds are covering your area for a few days you can look into a topical or vitamin supplement to take to get in your vitamin D

Now we wonder why Vitamin D is so important to our mood?

I stumbled upon a great article from finding that research has shown that vitamin D plays an important role in regulating our mood, and even boosts weight loss as it provides proper nutrients for hormones to be more stabilized. With that there are some foods you can implement to help uptake of Vitamin D. It is good to pair these with a healthy fat to help Vitamin D to be more soluble.

Salmin, Sardines, eggs, shrimp, fortified milk, fortified cereal, fortified yogurt, and orange juice contain high amounts of vital Vitamin D.

Live Momentouse has a great NSF certified for safe sport Vitamin D Supplement you can take when the winter months come and you get less sun... I love to use this during the winter months along with the Vitamin D (Amp Human) cream to make sure I am getting the vitamins I need. go check it out and plug in charlotte20 for 20% off of your purchase!

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