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Giving Thanks

In the USA today, We Celebrate Thanksgiving. It is a day with wonderful food and family time, but most of all, to reflect and be thankful for the lives we have and the able bodies we possess. I wanted to take some time to write up to you all who have been following or working with me this year thank you.

It's incredible what one year can do to change your life, and this past year, I have been so blessed to have met so many incredible individuals through Zwift, In real life, Vision Quest, and my incredible sponsors. I would not ask for any different this year. As I reflect on how and what I am grateful for, I thought I would share as a thank you to all who follow me and help each other through the light of the unicorn 🦄 power here. The team we all are now.

1- The Body's Ability

one of the most underlooked things can be our body's incredible ability to breathe, eat, digest, move, and sleep. It can even go deeper into cellular regeneration and regrowth. It can be our body's ability to fight off sickness and work with the changing climate. We tend to focus on what our body cant do. I encourage you to all see what your incredible body can do right now. Smile, Laugh, smell, taste, and relax. It's the little things we almost forget to remind ourselves of how we are blessed to move. I make sure I take some time on my rides to be happy to be able to move, even if my legs are not feeling strong at the moment. I thank my body for allowing me to move and ride.

2- The People Who We are Surrounded By

Virtually, or in real life, The people we are surrounded by, the friends and the connections we make are Priceless. I remind myself to reflect on all the people in my life and take moments to reach out and say hello. I love using this day to say hello to friends and great individuals who I love and am inspired by and who I appreciate.

3- Time is of Essence

We can sometimes get wrapped up in the work-life schedule and be constrained by time. I always think, 'there's never enough time in the day.' we sometimes forget to stop for a moment and thank the day for being there. Taking a moment to take a deep breath amid the family gathering and the time to get all the food ready for a big wonderful meal. The time we have to take to be with family or friends is precious, so it's not important to maximize it and not use time against you.

4- My Family

This day is one that I am always blessed to have in my family. Near and far, both sides. I am so blessed to spend time with them and especially their grandparents to tell us all the amazing reflective adventure stories. I also consider the cycling community surrounding me and all the connections and friends I have as family. It's what makes me whole and makes my soul filled with love.

I am so blessed for you all and wish you a wonderful Thanksgiving here from Utah, USA.


Todays two top recipes:

Pumpkin pie!

4tsp Ground Cinnamon

2 tsp Ground Nutmeg

½ tsp Ground Cheyenne pepper

1 full can of 100% pure pumpkin (15oz) ( if its more liquidy, subtract 2 oz from plant milk)

4x egg whites

4 tbs of Orgain Vanilla Protein powder *or other

1tbs corn starch

8 oz Silk brand unsweetened cashew, almond milk

1tps vanilla

10 packets of stevia or monk fruit *sweetened to your liking


1- preheat oven to 350 degrees F

2- in a bowl put pumpkin, protein powder, corn starch, egg whites, spices, stevia, and milk together

3- whisk all well through in bowl

4- lightly brush or spray some olive or avocado oil on 9” pie dish

5- put in mixture 9” pie dish

6- put in oven for 50-55 min


Cranberry sauce


1- 3x 12 oz whole fresh cranberries

2- 1 large Granny Smith apple

3- 1 large envy or gala apple

4- 4 large carrots

5- ground clove

6- nutmeg

7- cinnamon

8- 1 tsp xantham gum

9- 4 oz water

10- 1 whole orange

11- 2 tsp orange peel/ zest

12- 2 tbs apple cider vinegar

13- 1 tbs monk fruit sweetener or some stevia or sweetener of choice


Step 1- get a big pot of 5-6 cups of water and begin to heat up and boil on the stove.

Step 2- once water is boiling, add in all fresh cranberries and wait until you can see them start to pop! 4-6min

Step 3- while waiting, finely shred the carrots and apples and finely chop the orange all into little pieces.

Step 4- turn cranberry pot onto medium and drain most of the most of the water.. LEAVE MORE THAN 2 CUPS in the pot.

Step 5- put pot back onto the heat and add in the carrots, orange, orange zest, apples along with the spices (clove, cinnamon, nutmeg), apple cider vinegar, and your sweetener of choice * you are welcome to add more to your tasting towards the end. ( I like to use liquid stevia *about 5tsp for this recipe).

Step 6- Stir around for some time (4min) and now its time to add in the Xantham Gum! This will act to help bind things more. *keep that medium heat on and stir for a constant 3 min.

Step 7- add in the 4 oz of water and again stir for another constant 4min until all is hot and combined.

Step 8- put stove onto simmer and let the mixture cook for 6-8min more, stirring occasionally

Step 9- take off heat and let cool (refrigerate)

Step 10- ENJOY!

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