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Sans Meal Bar


USE: charlottebackus at checkout

If you are looking for a hefty snack or ride snack with minimal ingredients and PURE ingredients, This is the RX bar on steroids! These bars are my go-to. So many bars have ingredients stacked and some we can even read. Sans meal bar is simple and pure and one of my biggest bar recommendations for fueling or on those busy days you can get lunch in.

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Inside Tracker



Inside Tracker is a way you can gather in-depth data about you and your biometrics. It's a blood test that tells you more than just the usual blood test you get. you can then be integrated into the app to help best optimize for the results with nutrition. 

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Drink Orgain



This is one of my favorite plant proteins. they offer many wonderful flavors. It mixes well and I use it every day in recipes and as a supplement for that extra recovery and protein. 

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Oura Ring

50$ 0ff 

I have been using mine for over a year now. Being able to track sleep has been a huge indicator and help gage sleep and recovery. Highly reccomend for getting to that NEXt level. 

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Velo Saddles

Use Code: BACKUS23 

Saddles I have ived by for a few years now. Comfort level and durability is top of the line and there is a wide wariety of styles for all kinds of riding. 


Limar Helmets

Use Code: 


These Helmets are incrediby durable and VERY safe. I love the fit of them and kive by the design and safty they bring!




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