Charlotte Backus

Charlotte Backus is a 24 year old  Elite Cyclist. She specializes in E-sports (one of Zwift's first Beta riders), Road Cycling, and Gravel. She currently lives in Park City Utah with her Boyfriend Matthew and is a USAC and Training Peaks Certified coach. She also has a certification in advanced sports nutrition and a B.A in Psychology from Fort Lewis College in Durango CO. she races as an MVP for Four years collegially and continues to attend and gather more coaching, nutritional and sports psychology certifications. In her senior year at Fort Lewis (2019), she also published two papers surrounding sports psychology and heart rate variability surrounding sleep. Charlotte Works for Velocity Cycling with Robbie Ventura (vqvelocity.com) and is a live instructor, coach, and video editor for them. She also helps her boyfriend’s family of property management (Exquisite Mountain Property Management) where she cleans houses, checks houses, grocery shops, and much more! Charlotte also is a video editor and photographer who takes much passion into creating fun videos and workouts for others. On the side, she also loves to write blogs and help junior development gourds like summit bike club gain more knowledge around all things training. She strives to help not only kids, but adults of any age be their best selves through not just training, but in life from guidance and working with finding that perfect balance. 

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