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Choose your pricing plan

  • Best Value

    The Golden 🦄

    Every month
    Any GO Getter who wants to train for events OR One on One
    • PREMIUM Training Peaks Account
    • Custom Daily Structure And Plan (outside/ inside)
    • Weekly 60min Chat With Charlotte
    • One on One experiance
    • Access to Velocity Platform
    • Access to Zwift Friday Smash
    • 1x Month Zwift Pace session *If applies
    • FREE Goals Consult
    • 2x weekly workout analysis
    • Feedback on 2 workout/ week
    • 3x monthly info notes for nutrition, training, and more.
    • Weekly Communication With Charlotte via Message
    • Custom Workouts adjusted for YOU
    • STRENGTH workouts
    • CORE Workouts
    • 1x Month 30min Nutrition consult
    • Access to Cronometer Pro
  • The Basic 💪🏻

    Every month
    For anyone wanting good workouts but to keep it simple
    • 2x Structured workouts per week
    • Basic Training Peaks Account
    • 2x month 60min call With Charlotte
    • Access to Friday Smash
    • Discount on Velocity Live workouts
    • Basic weekly structure Based on your goals
    • 1x workout per week analyses in depth
    • Workout Feedback
    • 1x monthly info notes for nutrition, training, and more.
    • FREE 60min Nutrition consultation
    • FREE onboarding process
    • 1x week Communication with Charlotte Via message or email
  • Nutrition Add on

    Every month
    Great addition to add to your training
    • Nutrition for training
    • Nutrition analysis
    • Nutritional advice
    • Sport/event nutrition plans
    • Hydration advice and plans
    • Off season and bike nutrition
  • Weekly Workout

    Perfect If you want one Weekly Suffer Session!
    • Structured workout
    • For both Indoor and outdoors
    • Best done on Zwift
    • Encouragment and interactive throughout the workout
    • a great way to get in a good sweat each week!
    • subscription to a Training Peaks account
  • Goals Consultation

    Get motivated and set
    • Specail Goal form
    • Phone/ Zoom/ Facetime Chat based on year goals
    • tips on how to achieve goals
    • 1hr-1.5hr chat on goals
    • one- on one chat with Charlotte
  • Zwift Pace session

    Route based workout one on one with Charlotte
    • 60 min One on One Pace session
    • Private meet up
    • On Zwift
    • Scheduled time
    • Route based workout
    • Communication with Messaging or Discord
    • Ride Based on your specific goals
  • Coach C's Academy

    Coach Charlotte's Zwift Academy
    Valid for 6 weeks
    • Plan on Training Peaks
    • 6 week program
    • One Workout a Week
    • Guided workouts on Zwift
    • Get stronger in 6 weeks
    • Improve route time
    • Improve segment time on Legends and Lava
    • Zwift Workouts
    • Learn about Training
    • Learn about nutrition
    • Do it on your own time
  • Strength Lite

    Every month
    Perfect addition to training
    • Cycling specific exercises
    • Individualized *Based on Personal Needs
    • 2-3x weekly progressive exercises
    • Training Peaks is used

Goals Questionnaire

Below is a Form to fill out to set the goals you would like to reach after taking the athlete Intake Survey and signing up

Lets Reach your goals!

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