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Be aware and Take Care

I got the honor this past Saturday to spend a full day with Mari and our awesome friends at Free Bikes For Kids Atlanta(@fb4kids) it was a smooth travel to Atlanta Georgia and my first time actually staying for a weekend in Georgia. This weekend was for the usa cycling Lets Ride campaign and for coaches like myself and Mari to get involved with the community and help others around. The purpose of free bikes for kids is to make sure to get every kid no matter location, financial status, or situation. Our goal is to make sure that every kid has an opportunity as riding bikes can be used as more than just to get fitter. Many people use bikes as a mode of transportation, a way to get food, a way to get around, and a way to stay connected and be apart of the journey on two wheels.

That in itself remains so important to me and to Mari. Many kids dream to be able to have the freedoms to be active, own they own bike, and get around to experience the world or help their family. Free Nikes for Kids goes to all ends to take whatever bike frame or part and piece it back together bro create a very special two wheeled enjoyment for a kid. Saturday, we released the doors and opened up the hundreds and hundred of misfit bikes passionately pieced together, and the graciously donated found or lost bikes. Days and days of preparation for one day to open the doors to hundred and hundred of kids. These kids can from all over the area. Some drive a few minutes and some drove a few hours. They all came to be a part of this cycling community and be in our loving compassion to keep this community going and safe.

So many kids so many bikes and boxes of helmets. And it was endless. Some kids already knew how to rock and roll and were just so happy to find a new bike companion, some kids were timid and didn’t know really how to even start. How to ride a bike, the law of physics and gravity making riding difficult in a way I cannot remember but know it was not my friend at the beginning of my journey learning to ride a bike. That was what Mari and I were there for. To guide and explain the most basic thing I think we forget, how do I pedal a bike?

Do you remember that first time? How old were you?

I remember starting in training wheels as my dad guided me around our garage, but my older sister was already rolling around off the training wheels and I could handle that competition! No way! Within a day I was off training wheels and rolling around the gravel… fully hooked! And even from a good few extra years after that of swimming and participation in different sports, somehow I ended up coming back to cycling at the age of 14. Somehow it came back to me and from there I was granted freedom, journey, self growth, and experience.

The most perplexing part of the journey I went through on Saturday was taking a huge step back to explain how to pedal a bike to a kid so excited to jump to this world and learn. It’s been a while since I worked on the most basic part of moving a bike… yes quite some time to say the least. I think when we get it down, we can sometimes take granted what we can do. I find myself doing that and always question to why we forget the most simple things can really drive is and keep us moving forward. It was special to re word and explain how to step on the pedal and push forward. Explaining motion and speed are our friend. The kids would try and try and each attempted push they would go through a bout of some frustration and also gravity to the grit to get back and keep trying. It was amazing to see when the stars would align and it all clicked together. Some needed more time and more explaining. I found that there are so many levels to just getting the forward motion of a bike and the balance. I began to really appreciate my own ability to pedal let alone climb, descend, turn, stop, and even Zwift! I began to ponder on how amazing our body’s are with learning but also how that initial pedal stroke of success leads to more than just learning how to ride a bike, but future life success and self confidence and drive that goes far beyond just the bike. It comes along with us our entire lives and teaches us the world to never give up, always be open to learn, and learn how to get over frustration and deal with moments we feel stuck.

Saturday remained to be special as I thought that community and helping others goes both ways. I wanted to talk about how finding community and being a part of a community like this can be if it is and our own personal health along with others in need. Is not just one directional. This compassion and care for others helps yourself. We discussed this a few weeks back on how helping others helps boost us mentally and how it is a positive drive to our own personal happiness and self growth. That’s a huge factors and a reminder to find others to help when you can. Be aware of your surroundings, and do it out of the love of your heart because the feedback, even if it isn’t direct, is huge for you. I don’t always

have to get a smile or thank you back, but it’s the effort It took…

"Be aware and take care"

Something I hold close. Our awareness brings us closer to the human experience of ourselves and others around. Taking care is the deep compassion we hold within to be kind and do the fearless that can be outreaching or a bit different. But that feeling left deep in the heart eases the mind to clarity. That clarity takes us to a brighter self and a us loving yourself a bit more. I never realized but I can find myself talking bad and putting myself down more than I should and even if it’s not noticeable or small things here and there, it makes a difference. I conclude that just within a 12 hour experience, i really became more aware of how many factors create positivity and how much that vibe can outspread and touch others close and far.

its amazing what two wheels can bring to this world. I have a goal to continue this and get more people on bikes, not just kids. the community we have created around us has been nothing but special and an addition to my journey. we share and create our life stories and together be are fearless to the kindness we spread. so much of Be Kind Do Fearless portrays our drive, our compassion, and out story... the Human Experience.

So to that, I encourage you to head on over and Check out Free Bikes For Kids and the whole Lets Ride experience. if you have any bike parts laying around or an old bike that need a new rider, you can donate it to a new home and know that it will be loved and cherished! our footprint goes a long way and the little things we do make a huge impact. lets get more people on bikes!

Most of all, Be Kind, Do Fearless... this world is our experience, our journey, our story.

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For More Information on Coaching and other Fun rides and events Check out the Plans. Find your gravity and Start getting stronger today!

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