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Change and Moving Forward

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You’re waiting for the perfect time to start the business, fall in love, make the move, or change your life, you should stop, because what you’re waiting for doesn’t exist.

Time becomes the right time when you are ready for it to be right.

We often spend so many years waiting for the most opportune moment to act and are disappointed to find that it never comes.

It is never going to be the right time to do anything that disrupts your current life. There’s never going to be the perfect time to fall in love, change jobs, start a new business, become a parent, or move to a new place. That’s because every single one of these things come with so much change, so much discomfort, and so much unknownness, there is no way to really be ready unless you just begin.

When people say that everything happens in its own timing, it’s not that some invisible force is orchestrating the events of your life and you have to wait until they decide you’re worthy of what you want. What they’re saying is that an experience isn’t going to become available to you until you’re ready for it, whether you know that consciously or not.

Other people, and external things, are moving at their own pace.

So you have to be moving at yours.

You cannot and will never be able to control when someone else is ready to fall in love, or when you imagine there will be clients there to support your business, or when you think it’s an opportune moment to anything life-changing and deeply disruptive to whatever comfort you’ve currently constructed for yourself.

When you meet the right person, it becomes the right time to be in a relationship.
When you start the right business, it becomes the right time to work for yourself.
When you are ready to be a parent, it becomes the right time to have a kid.
When you are ready to fall in love, it becomes the right time to commit to someone.
When you are ready to change locations, it becomes the right time to move.

That’s all you’re waiting for — your own readiness.

But it’s not something you have to rush through.

The reason why timing is so fickle is that we can’t always understand what we need at the time that we really need it.

Our conscious minds are often so preoccupied with sticking to the “plan,” keeping up with your peers, following one milestone to the next, that it fails to recognize the growth and development that must personally occur for each individual in between all of those hopes and dreams and plans.

If something isn’t happening right now, there’s a reason, and that reason is that you’re not ready for it.

That is absolutely okay.

What you’re learning right now is exactly what you need to experience to become the person you want to be.

Not because someone else is placing you in purgatory, but because you are steadying yourself right where you are until you feel satisfied that you’ve done what you need to do.

In times of waiting, we often develop the maturity we need to act on our next big step, even before we know what it is.

Deep down in your unconscious, you know what you’re meant for.

You know where you’re headed.

You know what you’ll eventually become.

At the same level, you also know that the big life you want requires a strong foundation beneath it. It requires you to rise up to become someone you have not yet had the courage or experience to be.

It requires heart, faith, and trust.

It requires dedication.

It requires time.

What we are doing in the off-seasons of our lives is often preparing us for when the dawn rises again, and each of us must go through these peaks and valleys if we don’t want to end up either completely stifled, or totally burnt out.

The point is that you aren’t waiting for the timing to be right, you’re waiting for yourself to be ready.

Give yourself the space you need.

When you are ready to step forward, the road will rise to meet you.

Sometimes we ask how do we even begin to move forward. sometimes we don't even know what to so when we are stick in place and need to get out of that so called "funk" and continue our journey. there are some great ways you can find reasons to keep going, look forward and get past to accomplish any goals you set forth.

Dont Give up: quitting can change things and once you choose to quit, things will not be the same. it can be training, relationships, friendships and even job. once you make that choice to quit, then you have to change to adapt to that void and sometimes that is more energy than to keep going and working hard to stay in the game. giving up may become a thought many points through any hard task, workout, or moment, but find a way to keep going and think that this moment shall pass and if you don't give up, the feeling of pushing through and getting through will be more fulfilling in the end.

One day at a time: with the surrounding futuristic society and moments to bask in the past. It's easy to focus on everything BUT the current day you are in. change your thoughts to work on focusing on each day by day to diminish worry about the unknown foreseeable future and what you cannot control. this allows you to focus your energy and oin point it on the more current to help extinguish extra stress that causes worry.

Love and prosperity can come in a blink of an eye, so be ready: You really do never know what tomorrow will hold.every day is a new day. things can change drastically to better just overnight so try to think that anything is possible as long as you stay positive and know tomorrow is a new day! Even if it takes a little longer, that is better than hiding from the world.

Stay Positive: negativity is cruel and can easily become one of the hardest things to push away which results in lots of energy spent on the bad when you can be working on looking at the little good things out of each situation. Albert Einstein said that the "world is not your enemy, we all need to see the universe as friendly.”

Go at your own pace, but don’t stop moving forward: You may have been beaten down, but you are not broken. Even if you have suffered and lived through a life-altering trauma, if you still have a beating heart and air in your lungs, you can get back on your feet. sometimes it takes time so there's no need to force it. let it come naturally and love yourself for experiencing being human. trust time and give yourself ease and compassion just as you would to others around you.

Remember, it’s not a race: You will get there! you will reach your goal. keep trying and go at your pace, that way you will continue to stay motivated and more likely enjoy the journey and learn more from it personally. Rushing through it might make you miss critical parts to developing self competence, trust, and love.

Even making a little progress can go a long way. The key is to stick with what you’ve started. It’s kind of like writing a book. In the beginning, you have an idea, or maybe several, but by writing one page at a time, you will complete the book and feel pretty great about yourself. Progress is a great healer.

And here’s a little more about some tricks to keep moving forward if you are feeling stuck. FRom Barton Goldsmith Psychology today.

Recognize that what you are going through now is not permanent. Sadly, there are things we can do nothing about, but we have a lot more control over our own moods and actions than most people think. Whatever circumstance you are dealing with, your job is to nurture the strength within you. Doing this will bring you greater stability and success in all areas.

Think about your thinking: If you don’t think you will make it, it could become a self-fulfilling prophecy. Research says that up to 80 percent of our thoughts are negative, and that needs to change. When you learn to recognize your negative thoughts, you can begin to think more positively, which will make you feel better about yourself and your life. Imagine having 80 percent positive thoughts!

Learn to deal with disappointment: When Murphy’s Law is in full force, you may wonder why you are even trying. The truth is that successful people in all walks of life have to deal with disappointment sometimes. It’s part of the deal. The trick is to not let disappointments stop you. Ever.

Source: Barton Goldsmith Ph.D.

Psychology Today Blog: Emotional Fitness

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