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Coach Charlottes Gravel Check list

If you or a friend is gearing up for the season and getting ready to take on some gravel, I have my best all-time recommended gear checklist to make sure you take all you need and have everything for any event!

Let's get right into it.

I am going to break it down into a few sections so we can focus on each component *no pun intended haha.

Bellow are all recommended brands and types that I love to use if you are confused about exactly what to bring or get...

The Clothing department

The key is to make sure to have an extra set of your favorite bibs and jersey

For summer riding, I would recommend a lightweight long-sleeve jersey that can help protect you a bit from the sun and you can just focus on reapplying sunscreen on the neck and legs.

Rain Jacket *this one is 100% waterproof, I can vouch for that as well as it packs away nice and tight so you can take it with you

Wind Breaker jacket

This is a great versatile jacket to put on at the top of a climb or at the start. It packs so well and is a great addition


My favorite brand:

2x Bibs

My favorite brands:

2x jerseys

My favorite brands:

leg warmers and arm warmers *just in case

Half Gloves

Full Gloves

Shoe Covers*Great for keeping your feet warm


The Bike Body Care Department

Sunscreen travel size *perfect to take with you to reapply ESPECIALLY if you are out there for many hours

Embro Cream. This is if it's cold enough but leg warmers don't suffice for you. Get the low or medium heat and apply before heading to the start it will help warm your legs for the first cold bit before it warms up... Just DONT use it as chamois cream! I can tell you.. it's horrible haha.


The Technology Department

It's important to make sure everything is up to date and you have to charge cords and whatnot to make them work. Here are some of my top picks...

Wahoo Element Roam & Charging chord:

Front and red backlights & Charging chord:

Charger for any electronic shifting OR extra batteries!

The Bike

Now for bike setup, there is a lot out there. this is my top choice along with the gear set and power pedals for the best quality and fun!

Ventum GS1


Velo saddles are really great fits and I live by them for all my bikes.

Use Code: BACKUS22 for 25% off

Gearing: Campagnolo EKAR 13 speed (it's been the best one-by gearing I've had yet and highly recommend it!


Safety is PRIORITY and I have been loving my Limar helmets, ESPECIALLY the new gravel helmet with a light on the back

USE Code ba_charlottebackus_fnf30 for 30% off

Garmin Rally SPD Power Pedals

Regular XTR SPD pedals *cost-effective version


The Tires 

Now depending on race, it can vary so here is a protocol I like to use

Over 70-80% paved road:

50% or less paved road but smooth gravel *AKA Steamboat Gravel race:

Chunky gravel *Unbound or Lincon Nebraska:

Way out Yonder rugged all types:

Bike Bags

My favorite part! bags are your friend but it's having the right ones that are both aero and good for use... here are my top picks

Saddle Bag

Top Tube Bag

Hydration Department

Recommended Hydration pack:

Nutrition Department

This is very important to have the essentials you know and need as races and events are fun and have new things, But I always recommend starting with what you know and if you see something you want to try, try it during training and note to yourself. You don't want to have any problems from trying something new that could break your race.

Here are some top picks for nutrition ON the bike

Carb mix for bottles *gravel racing is tough so the best way to stay on top of nutrition and hydration in putting both in one hydration pack and use that as your main source. that way you minimize the difficulty of grabbing food and water and you have both hydration and

Electrolyte & Carb

Coconut Water

Skratch Labs Hydration

Electrolytes tablets

Skratch Carb Mix

Tailwind Medium Carb mix

Science in Sport Carb Mix

Food picks

I love real food if you do decide that way... I recommend making that Allen Lim style Skratch labs Rice cakes.

Rice cakes

Thats it

Sans Meal Bar

Down there department 🙈

CHAMOIS cream is your friend for down there! and if you are out on a long

I recommend to always take some sample packs with you on the go.

The Master tool Kit set up

*key is to always pack extra food and electrolytes (either pills or tablets)

Sample Chamois cream Packet for reapplication

SPF Lip Balm *it can get dry out there and nothing feels better than well-covered lips.

Downtube Pump

Recommended valve stems

Extra sealant

2x Co2 cartridges *if flying to the event DO NOT fly with them and purchase them when you get there.

Co2 Dispenser

Tubeless Tire Plug


yes, it's VERY helpful to bring extra lube for your chain because the dirt can make it chattery and other is nothing worse than a loud chain.

Dollar bill *just in case you have to use it For a big gash on your tire

Extra tube *with a LONG enough stem for your Wheels

Extra Derailer Hanger *these can get bent easily

Extra Chain Link

This is a lot, but rest assured, if you come prepared, you will not end up being stranded. here are some great videos to watch on how to manage mechanicals just in case so you are prepared more than ever.

How to fix Tubeless

How to fix Chain

How to Plug Tubeless

The Travel!

when it comes to flying with bikes, it can be hard to know what case to get. here are my top three picks that will ensure your bike gets there in one peace. *just make sure to take off or adjust things to the directions OR reach out to coach Charlotte for any questions.

Road, Gravel

Road, Gravel, Mtb

and of course last but not least


Your shoes and helmet and sunglasses *The Three MOST important that get forgotten the most haha.

Have fun and Shred on!

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Thanks Charlotte! Just Perfect!


Marianne Mason
Marianne Mason
Apr 22, 2023

Awesome check list. I learned a few things from this list that I would have never thought of. Thanks for sharing and putting this together.

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