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Finding Your Balance

Happy New Year

2022 is Here!

Wow, can I say what a year it has been! And did 2021 go by super fast!

I would like to wish you all a happy new year. ITS 2022! Another great year to come and what better way than to talk about finding our balance in what it may seem like a bit of a busy world with all the current news and life events taking place.

It has been a big big past year with its ups and downs. The work- life balance has been shifting and change has been amongst all of us. But change can be for the good. Its within that change that we can find new paths to take and better ourselves through experience and ways we learn to adapt to that change.

Along with change is our drive to find stability. Stability is where we all want to be. Peace.. Equilibrium. It's what our brain strives to go for and what we feel most comfortable with.

This stability can also be known as our life balance. It's how we balance school, work, family, free time, and much more.Upon this new year, there is definite change that will be taking place especially with the pandemic we are all experiencing that is throwing off our usual work-life balance.

You might almost feel like it is a seesaw and its being thrown off balance and hard to find the happy middle. Don't fret because it's happening to us all and it's very normal to experience this in life.

Sometimes it's easy to go straight to defensive mode and fear when change occurs and your balance is thrown off. This is very normal. It is a sign that you body and mind are working. But one thing you can do is relieve that worry and tell yourself that it's OK and this is normal. All a part of the human experience.

Reducing that little bit of stress will help bring in clarity and ease to your body and mind so you can attach the change and be ready to take it on.

Back to the balance. I want to chat about tips to help you find that Balance for this new year.

Lynne Ann Gallagher, behavioral health case manager at Geisinger Health says “People with a healthy work-life balance tend to have better mental and physical well-being…”

“Work-life balance is trying to give equal time to work versus the rest of your life. And as we juggle more responsibilities outside of the office”

Research shows that suppressing our emotions both harms our memory and increases stress. Reaching that balance is also related to,

Less burnout

Better engagement

Reduced stress

and Higher productivity

That is that wonderful feeling of clarity.

let's get into some steps and tips we can do to help ourselves find balance and create that clarity to set us off on this new year!


1. Plan ahead.

Stay on top of your workload by taking a peek at the next day’s schedule. Which meetings and projects are the highest priority? Focus on them. You can even get a schedule book to help remember and plan your week. Writing it down helps it stick in the mind

When you write, you use your fine motor skills. it requires more dexterity to write with a pen than it does to type. Researchers from the Norwegian Center for Learning Environment and Behavioral Research in Education discovered reading and writing by hand activates different parts of the brain than just typing on the computer or texting. (

That one important budget report or meeting can’t wait, but you can have that planning of those important events spread in advance so you know what is coming up and remember to prepare for those events before hand.

Future you will thank the past you.

2. Unplug. Set boundaries, like only responding to emails during set hours or not working on weekends. “With many of us working remotely, it can be hard to have that separation,” Gallagher says. She suggests leaving work at work: “If you can, find a separate space to work in, preferably with a door. When you log off for the day, close the door and don’t open it until it’s time to log on again.” Having a dedicated space just for working helps create the habit that once you are finished, you can detach away from all the flowing messages for a minute and give your mind ease.

It's hard to separate that and yes it will take time and adjustment, but if you know that having that space is going to create for a better balance, you will be more inclined to work through that adjustment.

Do you have a special work space that you have created in the past year?

If you haven't, this new year is a great opportunity to create that space and have fun doing it. Make it your own and invent a place you will love to work but also keep work in one area so it doesn't impede your everyday living.

3. Stay connected.

Building connection with others is special in a way that personal connection can create a feeling of fulfillment. You can connect with friends, family, or even co workers and make a fun event that can be fun to participate in.

Have a little office fun with a virtual ugly sweater party — or a zany show-and-tell. Whoever has the weirdest item (hello, tiny fez) wins bragging rights. Plus, you’ll have a funny memory later. And you will create positivity in your life.

Creating these fun event ideas also allow for your creative side to flow and you to think of great ways to create a memorable moment.

4. Go on vacation. You might embark on a lavish getaway to some exotic locale. Or maybe binge-watching your favorite shows and eating takeout in your cat pajamas is more your speed. Either way, several days away from the grind will do wonders to rest and recharge your brain. Just like training, your body and mind needs time to rest and recover to come back stronger.if there is no rest, you are more prone to burnout and chronic fatigue which causes stress and can throw that balance off.

It is OK if you have a day off or a vacation. We all need it. And if that vacation is watching a good movie with some take out in your pajamas, then that is totally fantastic! Whatever vacation allows you to take time off and relax and destress from the business of life is a vacation worth it.

And if you think of it having that time off will make you feel positively more rejuvenated to come back and be more ready to take on any day feeling well rested and having that needed break

What are some of the vacations you have taken that you remember the most and felt most recovered after?

5. Take breaks. Just like vacations, even day to day breaks can do the world to help keep you balanced during busy times. Stepping away from your desk for a bit gives your mind (and eyes) a rest. Lynne Ann Gallagher Says “Regular breaks throughout the day can improve productivity and help you engage with your work,” Every 90 minutes or so, take a quick walk, meditate or do some stretching. Then return to your task with a fresh set of eyes and a clear head. And if you can every 30 minutes, try to stand up and walk around for a couple minutes to get blood flowing.

Movement and blood flow also help your brain stay alert and keeps you from getting too tired from sitting at a desk all day or doing a singular task for many hours. You will find that you will have more clarity and be able to create that balanced state. One way you can stay on top of taking these breaks is setting little reminders on your phone, watch, or even write reminders on some sticky notes to put around your area that you will see.

Last but not least, I want you to be true to yourself and kind…

6. Make yourself a priority. Even when you’re away from work, you may be taking care of others. Don’t forget to make time for self-care. Your health is important. You need to feel well to be able to help others. Be kind to your body and mind and don't internally push yourself or talk yourself down. Focus on the good energy sent inwards. Practice good self affirmations and know that the good energy you put in will result in a better self balance. Here are some ideas for some good self care you can plan to send good positivity inward…

Schedule a massage,
Have coffee with a friend,
Go on a scenic drive,
Get a meal at your favorite spot,
Take a long nap,
Read a book or magazine

Whatever you decide to do, taking time to do the things you enjoy is good for your mental health. “Self-care is crucial to our well-being,” Gallagher says.

To that, its 2022! A new year and a new you! We thought it would be great to chat about that balance so you can take these tips and hop into the new year ready to rock and roll. This 2022 year is a year of Balance, Fun, and positivity. With the community that surrounds us here, we are blessed to have that foundation to keep and maintain our balance. We have each other, we have this platform to be there for eachother.

To that, what are you going to do this year to “find You Balance” and improve your life?

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Jan 04, 2022

Cat pyjamas and take away scheduled in for next weekend

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