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Summer Fun Ideas

Monday Canyon Ranch Ride


Host a BBQ- These are always a great opportunity to get family and friends together and enjoy the company of each other. Good food and good people.. you cant beat that. It is also a great way to get outside and enjoy the weather.


Attend a film festival- These Films can be inspiring, thrilling, and really special to watch. Very creative and can open your mind. It's a great way to get out and enjoy a film.


Go outside and paint a picture of the landscape- Theis will grab that creative side and channel your inner artistic side. There is a healing Power to art.

Studies have shown that expressing themselves through art can help people with depression, anxiety, or cancer, too. And doing so has been linked to improved memory, reasoning, and resilience in healthy older people.

The Mental Health Benefits of Art

Feel Better about Yourself

Creating art boosts self-esteem and provides a sense of accomplishment in adults and children. When you complete a creative project, you may feel a boost of dopamine which can increase drive, improve concentration, and just make you feel good!

This is true for any type of craft or hobby—you don’t have to create a masterpiece to reap the benefits. Use your hands, create something, and enjoy doing it—this is all it takes to experience the mental health benefits of art. The process stimulates the creation of new neural pathways in your brain that improves your overall sense of well-being, prevent depression, and even slows down aging.

“I found I could say things with color and shapes that I couldn’t say any other way–things I had no words for.” — Georgia O’Keeffe

Make Memories with Art

This might be the most compelling reason to take your seniors to an art class or museum. Art can enhance cognitive abilities and memory for people with serious brain disorders, such as dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. Creating visual art helps improve the quality of life for patients with these conditions by giving them a source of pleasure, increasing connectivity, and promoting cell growth in the brain.

“The only time I feel alive is when I’m painting.” — Vincent Van Gogh

Forget Pain through Art

Chronic health conditions are often accompanied by depression, pain, anxiety, and stress. Take your loved ones who suffer from chronic health issues to see beautiful art and help ease their worries for awhile.

Going to museums and art walks provide a fun, imaginative, positive experience for adults, kids, and seniors. Whether you learn something new, re-discover your passion, or have a pleasant escape, the health benefits to immersing you and your loved ones in art are widespread. Take a day, connect with your imagination, and improve your health!


Try boogie boarding- It's always great to try something new...It adds variety to your life.

All too often we let the fear of the unknown stop us. But pushing ourselves out of our comfort zones is actually good for us. Trying new things not only helps us to vanquish those fears, but it also allows us to expand our minds and learn—both about said new thing, and about ourselves.


Take a really long walk- It can be with your furry friend or alone or with a friend. there are so many benefits to waiting and what it can do for you.

1) REDUCES STRESS It’s the perfect way to zone-out and rid yourself of any daily stress. Plus, the exercise-induced endorphins released will leave you feeling better than ever by helping to improve your mood.

2) MAINTAINS A HEALTHY WEIGHT Regular walking can help you maintain a healthy weight, burn calories and help tone and strengthen your muscles.

3) DISCOVER NEW PLACES Explore your local area by foot and discover somewhere new you didn’t even realise was there.

4) SAVES MONEY Cut down on petrol costs by walking to the shops instead. You don’t have to sign up to expensive virtual gym classes either as you can get plenty of exercise in for FREE!

5) WALK AND TALK Ring your friends and family, whilst getting in your daily steps. Remember to tell them about your challenge to encourage donations!

6) LOWERS BLOOD PRESSURE Being active can help to lower blood pressure and prevent high blood pressure. This helps to lower your risk of heart problems in the future.

7) INCREASES ENERGY LEVELS You might sometimes feel like you’re too tired to get out walking, but keeping active can actually boost your energy and help you feel less tired in the long term.

8) IMPROVES SLEEP Adding more activity to your daily routine can help improve the quality of your sleep, meaning you feel more rested in the morning. But be careful that you don’t exercise vigorously too close to bedtime, as this might keep you awake.

9) SAVES THE PLANET You can do your bit for climate change by choosing to ditch the car or train for walking instead and avoiding carbon emissions.

10) HELPS BEAT CANCER Remember the money you raise from Walking All Over Cancer this month will help fund life-saving research, bringing the cure to cancer one step closer.


Volunteer at a soup kitchen- These are the moments your life can be put in perspective and not only are you helping others, but gathering deep respect for the life you have. you are given a different perspective on loving and caring and what you can do as an individual to be a part of this world and build your compassion. doing so will gain your inner sense of self and confidence.


Find a podcast you love- There are so many incredible podcasts with all things health, fantasy,

News, sports, blogs, and so much more. I am a hard podcast listener...

Mari will actually be broadcasting with Lance Armstrong on WEDU (one of my favorites) during the Women’s TDF. I will be posting the links and hope you tune in

Podcast listens I recommend...


Go makeup-free for a day- Try that natural look and it feels good. clear and natural.


Read a book on your “must read” list

The Ultimate Summer 2022 Reading List

Elaine Castillo, How to Read Now

Lydia Conklin, Rainbow Rainbow

Ingrid Rojas Contreras, The Man Who Could Move Clouds

Maya Deane, Wrath Goddess Sing

Kali Fajardo-Anstine, Woman of Light

Emily Henry, Book Lovers

Silvia Moreno-Garcia, The Daughter of Doctor Moreau

Chinelo Okparanta, Harry Sylvester Bird

Nicole Pasulka, How You Get Famous

Erika L. Sanchez, Crying in the Bathroom

Emily St. John Mandel, Sea of Tranquility

David Yoon, City of Orange


Go fishing


See a play at your community theatre


Tackle some yard work- Nothing beats that fulfillment of a nice-looking yard and the work you put into it.

tip: The very best time for lawn fertilization is in the spring, when the soil temperature—not the air temperature—reaches 55º Fahrenheit. You’ll know when the soil warms up to 55º because the lilacs will begin to blossom and the grass will start growing.

When shopping for fertilizer, you’ll find three numbers printed on the label. These numbers represent the percentage of nitrogen, phosphate, and potassium, respectively, which are the primary nutrients needed to feed your lawn.


Get a coloring book


Go on a hike- Researchers are amassing a body of evidence, proving what we all know to be true: nature is good for us and has both long and short-term mental and physical health benefits.

The benefits:


Write a friend a handwritten letter- I feel that letters have died a little with technological advancement, but nothing beats a handwritten letter and this is something that will remain important to me. It is sentimental and roots to the days of feeling close to one other. And it's a super surprise for that friend to get something in the mail that they were not expecting.


Try some new foods or add to the varity-

Mari Has been trying out salads from and has been really happy with the variety. I have also had the chance to try them during my trip to Emporia Kansas for unbound and one this I loves was that the food was whole, gluten-free, and vegan. very refreshing and made me feel good. Its always fun to try new things.

**Contact Mari @: for a discount code


Make popsicles - These are always nice and refreshing and you can add a variety of flavors and fruit for all the options to a hot summer day.


Wander in a museum- It's incredible the things you can learn from our history and the displays they create at museums. It is something different from the fast world around us and is a great source to broaden your knowledge.


Now lets dive into more of what you can do this summer...

Do a random act of kindness

Gaze at the stars

Reconnect with an old friend

Play board games with nursing home residents

Try a new restaurant and pick a table outside

Visit a national park

Have a picnic

Do a wine tasting

Ride a horse

Watch a movie that feels nostalgic


Have a technology-free day

Get your groceries at a farmer’s market

See some live music

Try a new, light dinner recipe

Find a pretty path and go for a bike ride

Go canoeing or kayaking

Visit a neighboring town

Go to the fair

Ride in a hot air balloon

Make a bonfire

Do a fun DIY for your home

Go to the zoo

Attend a MeetUp & make new friends

Visit a relative

Watch fireworks

Get a pedicure

Go outside in the rain

There are so many things you can do to enhance your summer and your life. I hope you found this list refreshing and I hope it gave you some good ideas on what to do next. We wish you a happy July 4th and a happy bright week.

As always,

Be Kind, Do Fearless

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Marianne Mason
Marianne Mason
04 de jul. de 2022

What a Great topic! So many wonderful ideas. Refreshing …. And will help us slow down & soak in life. Love, love, love this. Thank you All.

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