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Hello I've always been active as long as I can remember. As a military brat we moved about every 3-yrs. Doing sports helped to connect w others & make friends. I started off swimming. Then Title Nine happened, which opened up track & field. So, I thought I'd give this a try (deep down hoping running would make me a better kicker in swimming. Ha.) Some how I got into cycling ... to help my running. Over the years, I've had some great memories & accomplishments as a result of sports. The building blocks used to reach goals, also has been my savings grace with set backs & recoveries from surgeries (15). As I approach 'aging gracefully' at 66+yo, I know I want to stay active, have FUN doing it, and want to make a difference. I hope to do many cycling trips when retired (in the US or internationally). I also hope to do some snowshoeing (on my bucket list) & more hiking in the NW. I enjoy entertaining family & friends whenever possible. And, of course trying new recipes! Here's to living life to the fullest.


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Marianne Mason

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