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The Nosco Ride

And that’s a wrap! The 14th annual Mike Nosco ride has concluded, but I cannot express how meaningful and touching the day was. I have done many races and events this past year that have been very thrilling and exciting, but no words can explain how incredible the Nosco ride was in the way of community, generosity, and compassion of our cycling world.

I wanted to take time to wrap up the special day on November 3rd. It was one I will never forget and one that I know I am already planning for next year. This ride is one to put on your list. It is in a heavenly place and in the best kind of cycling playground along the Pacific Coast Highway and up and down incredible canyons. It’s a challenge, but the day is spent riding for a cause and in the memory of someone who has touched so many lives. Mike Nosco.

Mike Nosco was Jack’s brother who served our country and his community as a hero. His life was taken in a car accident where Jack and his family were crushed. He was a very incredible being and meant so much to the community. Jack took his bike and rode and rode one of the hardest routes. It was 80 miles, and lots of climbing to where he was able to clear his mind and mend over the years. From that, it grew. Every year, he would do this route. One year, he found that a good friend was struggling with cancer so he asked ten friends to join the ride with him and donate $100 to this family. Let’s just say more than a few showed up. And at the end of the ride, he packed his backpack with the money and rode to the family’s house. They were touched and in tears, and to that grew the Nosco Foundation ride.

Fast forward more years, I heard about his ride and marked it on my calendar. I love to connect with the community and ride for a cause. All year I was anticipating this ride - a ride to raise money and also become a sherpa for one of my athletes I have not yet met in real life but have been coaching for a year on Zwift.

The morning of the ride:

With a crisp start, I rolled from Jack's house to roll to the start ready for an incredible day. The weather was perfect. I watched with a warm heart as more and more riders began to show up for the beginning ceremony. We were serenaded with bagpipes and incredible singing to remember Mike Nosco, but being in the midst of all the recipients who were struggling with life-threatening illnesses. It brought doing a difficult ride into perspective, humbling you to think during that hard moment where you are riding up a hill to remember the ones who are fighting for their lives.

We rolled out with hundreds of cyclists and incredible guidance of firetrucks and a helicopter guiding us down the road. The day had begun and we would ride in remembering the ones we lost and the ones we were riding for. On this ride, I was guiding Tammy side by side and riding for my Nana who had past a few months ago. It was special. Every feed zone was lit with music and all the goodies of Skratch, Bonk bars, and JoJA bars. Everyone was so enthusiastic and the whole route was encompassed with kindness and adventure.

The day had wrapped up and we rolled to the finish which brought happy and grieving tears to everyone’s eyes. We enjoyed the festivities and great food. A live auction was held to keep working to raise money for these incredible individuals fighting for their lives and some even gathered enough energy to show up to the event.

The sun fell upon us as we spent much time talking and enjoying the company of each other. My heart beamed with gratitude for the community we have beyond cycling here. We can gather together for a day and spend even more time being together and talking about great stories.

At 6:30 pm, we had our last moment of silence to remember Mike Nosco and his legacy and what he has created. The Nosco ride this year was one I know I will be planning for the many next years. To see all levels of people - from pros to someone just new to cycling, we all gathered together. We all rode for a cause, and we all rode with compassion and kindness for not just each other, but for this world.

I cannot Thank Jack Nosco and his family enough for what they have created. They have taken me in with open hearts. The kindness of this community was incredible! I am so blessed to know them and have met them. I encourage you all to consider putting this ride on your list and come out next year and ride for a cause with pretty amazing people. I want to thank all of the sponsors who contributed to this festive and meaningful event and a beautiful and perfect day to ride in honor of Mike Nosco.

Thank you Jack from the bottom of my heart ♥️

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Marianne Mason
Marianne Mason
Nov 06, 2022

Definitely in the radar for 2023. So glad you were able to hook up w some zwifters IRL. What an incredible & inspiring day to be able to make a difference to so many. A day that is of reflection & remembrance. ❤️

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